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Our experience in actually running live contact centres provides our Consultants with invaluable operational experience which we can then pass on to our customers. These customers include BT ESAT, BUPA, Eircom, Irish Life & Permanent, Stafford Oil, Sharptext, Apple Computers, NC Mortgage Brokers and Davy Stockbrokers.

Actual contact centres hosted by CCS include Eircom, Siemens SG, Zomax, Bank of Ireland, Eirpage, Vodafone and Barclaycard.

Our consultancy services fall broadly under the following headings:

    • Equipment Acquisition, Vendor Analysis and Contract Negotiation.
    • Contact Centre Strategy
    • Contact Centre Optimisation
    • Workforce Planning
    • Building Design, Facilities Management, and Business Continuity Services.

For further information on our consultancy services, just click on any of the following or contact John Finnegan on

Contact Centre Consultancy Services
Contact Centre Pilot
Cutting Costs Not Corners
Contact Centre Strategy

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